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The festival called “CrimeaDok” began its work!

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It happened! We prepared for a long time and finally, the day has come!

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All members of the Festival Directorate dispersed to their facilities in the morning. Someone went to the airport to meet arrived guests. Someone left for the hotel to preparation for the reception of the guests and hold a meeting for the jury.  Someone went to prepare everything for the opening ceremony of the festival in the Crimean Tatar Academic Musical Theater of the Republic of Crimea. Someone went to the cinema to hold out-of-competition shows and introduce viewers to amateur debuts. The hall could not accommodate everyone in cause of many spectators who wanted to support friends and see the work of young moviegoers!

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In the evening, at 5.00 p.m. the lobby of the theater began rapidly fill with guests and participants. Everyone admired the design of the recreations and the hall, willingly took pictures of the symbols of the festival and on press walls and listened to musical works performed by students of the Simferopol City Music College named after P.I. Tchaikovsky.

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Exactly at 6.00 p.m., brilliant presenters opened it all. The jury blessed the festival. Guests greeting everyone replaced each other on stage. Spectators enthusiastically watched the dance numbers performed by artists of the State Autonomous Institution of Culture “Sevastopol Academic Dance Theater named after V.A. Elizarov”. The choreographic collective called “Music Safe”, led by Olga Pogrebischenko, showed beautiful figurines to the audience. Anna Glushko, soloist of the Crimean State Philharmonic of the State Autonomous Cultural Institution of the Republic of Crimea, together with the choir “Tauride Blagovest” performed the festival’s anthem and declared it open.

For the opening on the festival was prepared film of the Russian director Alexei Malechkin. Film was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of archival work in Russia. For 40 minutes, it shown history of the Russian state from the ancient times to our time.

The festival has begun!

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