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Fifth day - the festival is closed!

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Fifth day - the festival is closed!

The last festival day has come! Meetings, acquaintances, shows, excursions, master classes, trips around the Crimea - these festival troubles flew by so quickly!

The last festival day began at 11.00 a.m. with two wonderful events. First event was in the editorial office by the Crimean branch of the Russian newspaper. It was a press breakfast with directors Sergei Golovetsky, Andrei Osipov and Varuzhan Galtakyan from Armenia. The guests of the editorial office discussed many issues. The conversation, attended by representatives of various Crimean media, turned out to be interesting and useful.

The second event was a meeting of representatives of the Crimean Football Federation with Svetlana Kharchevina, who is the director of the film “Lev Yashin - Number One”. The event, localized in the Republican Scientific Library named after I. Franco. The host was the State Prize laureate Boris Levin, who is known as a sports commentator, columnist for Radio Sputnik and a journalist in the Republic of Crimea. After watching the movie of Svetlana Kharchevina, she answered questions and received thanks for covering the biography of a wonderful football player.

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By 6.00 p.m., spectators and participants in the closing ceremony began to gather in the Crimean Tatar State Academic Music and Drama Theater. Festival guests strolled in a beautifully and solemnly decorated foyer to music performed by students of the Simferopol Music College named after P.I. Tchaikovsky. The guests of the festival photographed in specially equipped photo zones.

Concert was opened by dance ensemble called “Cimmeria” of the Crimean University of Arts and Tourism Culture with a choreographic composition staged by Olga Minina, well known as Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine.On the eve of the awarding ceremony, the audience saw the “Soldier's Dance” performed by a folk dance ensemble called “Youth”, whose artistic director was Mikhail Satanovsky.

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Finally, after the performance, the main and long-awaited rewarding began. Given the specifics of the festival, its direct connection with the culture, personalities, events and history of the Crimea, the Founder of the Festival, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea, prepared special prizes and diplomas:

«For respect for the classic of domestic animation» 
the film “I Love My Tales", directed by Dmitry Zolotov

«For the return of historical memory» 
the film “It’s disgusting to post and swear oath. Krasnov”, director Alexey Burykin

The festival management also established its awards. 

«For addressing the topic of teaching in Russia» 
the film “Teacher for Glazok” directed by Natalia Savras


PRIZE OF VIEWING SYMPATHIES “The choice of Crimeans”
the film “Parajanov Tarkovsky Antipenko. Chiaroscuro”, directed by Andrey Osipov

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Partners of the festival also awarded special diplomas and prizes.

The Crimean branch of the editorial office “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” awarded the prize:

«For connecting research tasks with creative ones»
the film “The Etigelov Phenomenon. The Mystery of the Buryat Lama”, directed by Elena Demidova.

The permanent informational partner of Crimean film festivals, the oldest publication that celebrated its centenary in 2018, the republican independent socio-political newspaper “Crimean Truth”, established the special prize:

«For the ability to find poetry in the prose of life and arouse interest in the fates of people for whom the “end of the earth” is the center of the universe»
the film “Land of people. Kuril Islands” director Dmitry Semibratov

Republican Football Federation of Crimea awarded the prize:

 «For the return of the idol»
the film “Lev Yashin - Number One”, directed by Svetlana Kharchevina.

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“SPETZAK CRIMEA” Limited Liability Company, which produced figurines for the winners of the festival, also prepared three prizes for the participants of our festival:

«For the non-standard solution of a documentary» to the film “Gorky Theater: Keeping Up with the Times”, 
Director Anastasia Arzieva, Mavile Nimetulaeva

«For the story of the history and culture of the indigenous people of Crimea» ” to the film “The Ax Will Not Touch”, directed by Anastasia Ekimova

«” to the film “The Ax Will Not Touch”, directed by Anastasia Ekimova» ” to the film “The Ax Will Not Touch”, directed by Anastasia Ekimova

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The next stream before the audience flashed the presentation of Special Jury Diplomas.

School studio “Bottlenose dolphin” MBOU “JASOSH №2” School of the future Moscow region GO Yalta RK

«For a bright start in the cinema»
the film “Woman from the Sea. Return”, directed by Ekaterina Skreptsova
the film “Wings of Pegasus”, directors Victor Ponomarenko, Vladislav Marunchenko

«For touching the history of one tragedy of the civil war» 
the film "The Forgotten Story", directed by Artem Palki

«For a high cinematic narrative culture»
the film “Dialogue with a Teenager”, directed by Maria Volchanskaya

«For the best visual solution»
the film “Larek”, directed by Dmitry Fetisov

«For the kindness embodied on the documentary screen»
the film “Swans”, director Galina Adamovich

«For the debut»
The film “Images of Goris”, directors Ruzan Shahnazaryan, Gevorg Hayrapetyan, Varuzhan Galtakyan, Mikael Sargsyan, Hamlet Hakoyan

«For the original reading of the classic»
the film «Pushkin Italy», director Galina Evtushenko

«For a authentic story about the little-known pages of the poet’s life»
the film «Romas, Thomas and Joseph», director Lily Vyugina

«For the plastic solution of the images of time»
the film «RUSSIA. Many years…», director Alexey Malechkin

«For the high cinematic culture of a short film»
the film «Leave can't stay», directors Nikita Bobrov, Pavel Fattakhutdinov

«For debut»
the film «Vill», director Alexandra Khitruk

«For a heartfelt story about a brilliant marine painter»
the film «Ivan Aivazovsky», director Boris Mayevsky


And here it is, a long-awaited and joyful minute - the judges announced the winners, who were awarded the wonderful prize of the Festival.

«Amator Debuts»
«Stories of Evpatoria. Gezlev»,
directors Asya Hussein, Arsen Mambetov, Ekaterina Grekova

«Crimea on the documentary screen»
«Stepan Schekoldin. The man who saved the Vorontsov Palace»,
Director Sergey Litovets
«The best television movie»
«Sunrise. Sunset»,
Director Efim Reznikov
«The best documentary»
«Artificial respiration»,
Director Galina Leontyeva
The Grand Prix
«Chronicles of the Time of Troubles»,
Director Vladimir Eisner

After the winners announced, the Dance Theater “Music-safe” and the finalist of the All-Russian competitions - Elizaveta Petrosyan, to perform the song “River”, occupied the stage.

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After the performance to the stage invited Svetlana Kosarich, the head of the Festival Directorate. She thanked the team for organizing the festival and announced the holding of an exit session of the cinematographic documentary workshop of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation based on the Crimean Cinema Media Center under the direction of Seogey Golovetsky, Galina Leontyeva and Vladimir Eisner.

The festival is officially closed!

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