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Rules and Regulations


Rules and Regulations
of the IV Crimean Open Documentary Films Festival
«CrimeaDoc» - 2021


1.1. The Crimean Open Documentary Film Festival «СrimeaDoc» (hereinafter - the Festival) is a permanent cultural project of the Republic of Crimea, held since 2018.
1.2. The founder of the Festival is the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea.
1.3. The Festival has the status of open for participation, regardless of the legal status of representatives not only from Russia, but also from different countries that share the goals and objectives of the Festival.
1.4. The festival is held from 11 to 15 May 2021 in Simferopol, Republic of Crimea.


2.1. The goal of the Festival is popularizing and promoting documentary films, including those related to Crimea, as an effective factor for the development of cinematography in the Republic of Crimea, and for increasing the role of domestic non-fiction cinema in the development of multicultural relations.
2.2. The aims of the Festival are:
2.2.1 Acquainting the Crimean audience with the best works of Russian and foreign documentary, including those related to the history and culture of Crimea;
2.2.2 Creating a platform for filmmakers for the exchange of experience and ideas;
2.2.3 Promoting the revival and development of documentary in the Crimea;
2.2.4 Creating conditions for a professional communication environment for filmmakers to interact with teachers, parents and children in a high-alert mode due to the pandemic;
2.2.5 Attracting to cinema halls people of different ages and nationalities;
2.2.6 Identification, promotion and popularization of the creative achievements of film animators in documentary cinema;
2.2.7. Promoting the works of young filmmakers at festivals.


3.1. The supreme Body of the Festival is the Organizing Committee. Its members and its Regulations are approved by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea.
3.2. The Festival is organized by the State Budget Institution of the Republic of Crimea "Crimean Film and Media Center" with the with the assistance, of the Documentary Film Association of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and the Crimean Republican branch of the All-Russian Public Organization "Union of Cinematographers of Russia".
3.3. The State Budget Institution of the Republic of Crimea "Crimean Film and Media Center" is entrusted with duties of the Festival Management. It coordinates the organizational, financial, technical, informational and other assistance to all Festival activities. 


4.1. The Festival program is approved by the Festival Management and consists of the Main Competition Program and of the Out-of-Competition Program.
4.1.1. The Main Competition Program contains three nominations:
I – «Crimea on the documentary screen» – documentary and television films related to Crimean history, culture, personalities, events. They are created in Russia and abroad, of any timing except ultra-short (less than 7 minutes), produced not earlier than 2019;
II – «Documentary premières in Crimea» – documentary and television films created in Russia and abroad, of any timing except ultra-short (less than 7 minutes), previously not shown at other Film Festivals in the Republic of Crimea.
III – «Amateur Debuts» – documentaries of any length, created by pupils of children's and youth video studios, as well as students and individual film animators.
4.1.2. Out-of-Competition Program includes:
I - Retrospective screenings;
II – documentaries-winners of Russian film festivals 2020.
4.2. Not less than 10 films participate in «Crimea on the documentary screen» Competition.
4.3. Not less than 15 films participate in «Documentary premières in Crimea» Competition.
4.4. Not less than 10 films participate in «Amateur Debuts» Competition.


5.1. Representatives of films studios, television companies, independent producers, individual filmmakers from Russia and abroad may participate in the Festival.
5.2. Films presented at the Festival, should not contain the scenes of violence, racial and religious intolerance, insult the person.
5.3. The Selection Board, approved by Festival Management, will select films for the screenings. Films for the consideration by the Selection board should be presented on-line.
5.4 Those wishing to participate in Competition should send an Application form to the Festival Management and a scan of the original application, certified with the signature of the producer and the seal (if there is one) till April 10, 2021. The deadline for accepting applications for participation is 10.04.2021.
5.5. Films for the consideration by the Selection board are presented on-line and could be open for watching without additional registration, the link is indicated in the application.
IMPORTANT!: The viewing version of the film must not be removed from the file sharing site until the publication on the official website of the Festival of the list of films included in the competitive and non-competitive programs. Otherwise, the application is rejected and the film is excluded from the Festival program.
5.6. Films, sent to the Selection Board, are not reviewed, neither in written, nor in oral form.
5.7. The official decision of the Selection Committee on each of the films submitted for consideration will be sent to the authors and copyright holders by e-mail no later than April 16, 2021. The list of films participating in the festival is published on the official website of the Festival.
5.8. The program of film screenings at the festival is formed by the Festival Management. Each film can be shown no more than five times during the Festival, including press screenings.
5.9. The Responsibility for claims related to participation of the film in the Festival program and film screenings lies on person who has submitted a film to the Selection Commission.
5.10. The Festival Management does not pay the films owners for screenings on the Festival.
5.11. The Festival Management has the right:
- use the trailer of the film for promoting the Festival;
- publish the materials of the film for advertising the Festival and its Programs;
- keep in the film copy on MP4 in Festival archive, in order to use it for non-commercial screenings on educational purpose.
5.12. Screening film copies for the Festival Competitions should be submitted in the language of the original and in case the original language is not Russian should have Russian subtitles.
5.13. Copies of films of competitive and non-competitive programs in DCP and MP4 format for screening in the cinema and at creative meetings within the framework of the Festival must be submitted to the Directorate no later than May 05, 2021
5.14. All terms and conditions established by the Regulations are binding. Otherwise, the Management reserves the right to exclude the film from the Festival program


6.1. The Jury of the Festival consists of five persons.
6.2. The Jury may not include persons involved in the creation or commercial distribution of films shown in the relevant competition.
 6.3. The Management takes care of the expenses for the stay of each member of the Jury at the Festival, including travel to the venue and back, as well as creates the necessary anti-epidemic conditions for a safe stay.


7.1. Questions about the invitation of Participants and Guests of the Festival, the terms and conditions of their stay at the Festival are decided by the Management.
7.2. The Management takes care of the costs of the stay at the Festival of one representative (director/producer) of the film selected in the main competition program (hotel accommodation during the Festival and partial meals (breakfast and dinner).
7.3. Payment for travel from the place of residence to the venue and back is made at the expense of the participants of the Festival.


8.1. The Festival jury awards prizes:
- Grand-Prix – For the best film of all nominations
- For the best documentary film
- For the best TV documentary
- For the best film in the nomination «Crimea on the documentary screen»
- For the best Amateur’ Debut
- Special Jury Diploma (awarded in accordance with the Jury's decision)
8.2. The Organizing committee and the Management can award the following prizes:
- The audience award «The Crimeans’ Choice» to the best Film in the competition according to the audience polls results (given to the director of the film);
- Special Prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea;
- Special Prizes of the partners of the Festival.
- Other Prizes.
 8.3. Each film participating in the main and out-of-competition programs of the Festival, except for retrospectives, is awarded a Certificate of participation (for films of the out-of-competition program – electronic).


9.1. Participation in the Festival requires compliance with all the points of these Regulations.
9.2. Address of the Directorate of the IV Crimean Open Documentary Film Festival "CrimeaDok" – 2021 is:
37 Krylova Street, Simferopol, Crimean Republic, 295001, Russian Federation.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://крымдок.рф


Elena Kutsenko
Program Director, deputy director of the State Budget Institution of the Republic of Crimea "Crimean Film and Media Center".
tel.: +7 916 113-99-23, +7 978 751-02-50

Alexander Novikov
Executive Director, deputy director of the State Budget Institution of the Republic of Crimea "Crimean Film and Media Center".
tel.: +7 978 776-71-70



State-financed office of the Republic of Crimea «Crimean Centre for Films and Media»
295001, Russian Federation, Republic of Crimea, Simferopol, Krylova Str. 37
Phone / Fax: 8 (3652) 27-53-57
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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