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Vostok №20

Режиссер: Elisabeth Silveiro-Kibireva
Сценарист: Elisabeth Silveiro-Kibireva
Оператор: Saulius Lukosevicius
Композитор: Evgueni Galperine
Продюсер: Claire Chassagne
Производство: Dolce Vita Films
2018 год 50 мин. 12+
Daily life in a third-class Transsiberian wagon named Vostok N 20. Between discomfort, shared meals, boredom and confessions to strangers, people spend their time as they can. In the form of literary counterpoint, poems of Marina Tsvétaeva told by Fanny Ardant illuminates the feelings of passengers: their loneliness, their desires for freedom and love.

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режиссерElisabeth Silveiro is a French filmmaker with Russian-Cuban origins. She studied Editing at IAD Belgium Cinema School and received her diploma in 2011. In parallele of her work as an editor, she co-wroted a script for a feauture film « Stray Cats », actually in development. In 2018, she directed the documentary « Vostok n°20 » and she codirected the short film « The lost ones », produced by the G.R.E.C. Elisabeth loves intimate universes and her projects often approach the themes of self-seeking and of old age.

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